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A High School Musical RPG
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8th-Aug-2009 11:16 pm - SECRETS SUBMISSIONS POST
Jase and Kelsi
Ok, so most people voted in favor of doing a secrets post. So you can submt them here.

There is just one thing. Do not make secrets that are meant solely to hurt another player/character. We know that not every secret is nice, and that's fine just keep it within reason. Remember it's secrets, not flames. I know, we didn't have an issue with this last time, and I highly doubt we will this time but it's always best to make sure we're all on the same page.

Primarily HAVE FUN! That's what this is for. The secrets will probably posted towards the end of the month. Give everyone plenty of time to think on what they want to make, and make them etc.

Anon should be turned on for comments. If it's not, I'll fix it :)
29th-May-2009 05:08 pm - Rules of the Game
1)To be accepted to the roleplay, you must first fill out the application below, respond to the application post and be accepted by a mod.

2)If you are accepted, create a character journal and friend all of the other characters. Once accepted you will be asked to post at least once every ten days. If you exceed this limit, you will be removed from the game.

3)No GODMODDING. Only play your own character, do not say another character said or did something unless it has been stated by that characters player, or it has been discussed with the player.

4) No Mary Sue's, any character seen to be crossing into Mary Sue territory will receive a warning and if it continues, removed from the game.

5)Any OOC posts should be made in the main RP community, not within character journals.

6) Any MAJOR plots (i.e. Pregnancy, rape etc) must be discussed and approved by a mod.

7) Do not cause drama with other players, we want a friendly game, if you have any issues, please contact a mod.

8) No Internet speak (i.e. LOL, ROFLMAO.)

9) Friends Lock ALL entries both in character journals and the main community
22nd-Apr-2008 08:38 pm - Hey all New girl in town!
Hey everyone!
My names stephie and I play the character called Britney Crowell!
She is a semi spoiled little brat who is on the cheerleading team and is going to be caption in her senior year. She loves fun and getting into some trouble. So if anyone feels like there character would be friends with her or wants to discuss any kind of plot lines even if their character might hate mine feel free to reply to this!
20th-Apr-2008 12:19 am - Application
Jase and Kelsi
If you would like to apply to this game, please fill out the following application. A list of taken and available characters can be found on the info page. OC's are also welcome :)

We are curently looking for the characters of Jimmie and Donny from HSM 3.

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